Daydream Spin Center Caps

Daydream Spin Limited (NZ) has the patents of the unique spin wheel center caps and designed in New Zealand. 


This patented wheel center caps retains their correct orientation when the vehicle is stationary or moving at slow speed. The center caps automatically latches on the wheel to spin at the same speed when the vehicle moves at a higher speed. Vehicle badges no more upside down. Instead of the logo of carmakers, customer can create their own logos, national flags or put their pictures on the unique spin center caps, too. 



Daydream Spin Center Caps don’t need the expensive heavy bearing system. Its universal component can fit most of wheel center hole - diameter from 1-7/8” to 2-3/4” (4.7 cm to 7.0 cm). The diameter of area for decoration is 2-3/16” (5.6 cm) and the coverage of anodized aluminum ring component is up to 3” (7.6 cm). It is totally unique - never before available.


No more upside down,

You are always right.